Dedicated To All Who Helped

Centenary Poppy Volunteers

“The Fovant Badges Society would like to thank all those volunteers who helped to build the new Centenary Badge. The task was completed in less than three weeks! Without your help it would have taken much longer. The final result is magnificent. Thank you !!”
General Sir Nick Parker KCB CBE
President of The Fovant Badges Society

Roll of Honour

Our sincere thanks go to the following people for all their hard work up on the hill in July 2016.

Oliver Baggs

Dominic Barker

George Bradley

Leslie Brantingham

Lea-Marie Brooks

Pippa Bullard

Richard Bullard

Fiona Catton

Chloe Collis

Dan Cooke

Alex Cullen

Emily Dee

Harry Devall

Don Dovey

LCpl Sam Dow

Michelle Dunford

David Edwards

Anna Fleming

Rupert Fleming

Cpl Wes French

Craig Harris

Steve Harris

David James

Jack Kenny

Sarah Kenny

John Leach

Terry Lister

Chris Lyon

Becky Maynard

Margaret McKenzie

Don McLaren

Karen Miller

Ethan Murphy

Kelsey O’Donnell

Charlie Peschardt

Stephen Postlethwaite

Vicky Postlethwaite

David Priestley

Fran Reed

Lucy Reynolds

Sarah Roberts

LCpl Jonny Scott

Tim Sly

Alison Smith

Alix Smith

Hector Smith

Henry Smith

John Smith

Phoebe Smith

Kris Strutt

LCpl Simon Sumpter

Hayley Thornton

W Turner

Sarah Vigors

Lucy Wall

Rupert Williamson.

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