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The Fovant Badges Society is Registered Charity Number 1045087

One of the ways in which we raise funds is through the sale of booklets and postcards:

The booklet gives a comprehensive account of the history and the aims of the society including articles on the various regiments stationed in the area. Also included are some excellent photographs of the badges on the downs, information on how to become a member of our society and, also incorporated, are two postcards showing the badges on the downs and the war graves at Fovant church,

The following is a list of the suggested minimum donations for these items, including all postage and packing.

The Fovant Badges Booklet – currently unavailable, a new edition will be published soon

A postcard showing a view of the Badges (minimum order of 3 postcards) – item currently unavailable

There is also a newsletter that includes a membership application and donation form.

Even if you feel unable to make a donation, we thank you for visiting our web-site and hope that you may one day pass by the Badges in the Chalk and stop and wonder at them.

You can use the Contact page to request a copy of the booklet when the new edition is published.

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Become part of an enduring tradition that honours our history and helps preserve these iconic chalk carvings for generations to come.

Preserve History, Honour Sacrifice

Your support ensures that the Fovant Badges Society can continue to stand as a timeless tribute to soldiers past and present, etched into the very landscape they called home.