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Explore the poignant history and ongoing preservation efforts behind the Fovant Badges, our enduring tribute to soldiers bound for the Great War.


The Fovant Badges Society is a voluntary organisation which has the objective of maintaining the regimental badges that were carved into the chalk downs above the village of Fovant by the soldiers of those regiments. The Society is determined that the badges shall remain an historic, fitting and truly visible memorial to the soldiers who passed through Fovant and its neighbouring villages on their way to the Great War, many never to return.

We hope that the website provides you with an insight into the work of the Society to maintain the Badges and its equally important role to communicate the history of the Badges to all age groups.

Maintaining the Badges is expensive costing the Society around £30,000 per year and whilst we do receive some help from various institutions we rely heavily on the donations of our members and of the general public. To all of these we say thank you.

(N.B. The “My Donate” website has now closed. You can still donate using the Membership/Donation form. See the “Support Us” page under the “About the Badges” tab at the top of this page).

How We Made The Centenary Badge:

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Unearth the rich history and individual narratives that make each Fovant Badge a unique memorial to bravery and sacrifice.

The restored YMCA badge and soldiers of 5 Rifles

YMCA Emblem fully restored in 2018!

The YMCA Emblem was fully restored in the summer of 2018. Soldiers of D Company, 5 Rifles (based in Bulford, Wiltshire) worked non-stop for almost three days to dig out turf and fully re-chalk the emblem.

In fact, they even had time to dig out the turf on the “Shiny 7th” badge on nearby Sutton Down. The badge was then ready to be re-chalked. Well done to all involved.

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We were delighted to be joined by so many people for our annual Drumhead Service, the first since Covid-19. The service was led by Archdeacon @alanpjeans, with addresses by Mrs Sarah Troughton @WiltsLieutenant and our President General Sir Nick Parker....


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